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Swiss Cube


As flexible as your Business! Do you want all the benefits of a secure data center, including protection against natural catastrophes and break-ins, plus multiple redundancies for both the power supply and the network? Are you also looking for a solution that gives you the advantages of cloud services but on a dedicated infrastructure? It’s time to leave the technical requirements of a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure up to somebody else! Get the Swiss Cube – provided in collaboration with our partners – to get just what you need!


• Certified data center • Dedicated infrastructure in the Zurich metro area • Advantages of the cloud but from Switzerland and using dedicated hardware • Installed, preconfigured and therefore immediately available • Automatic hardware lifecycle management • Three versions with options to customize your Cube’s features • Including green power • 360° monitoring and support • No up-front costs: fixed monthly costs that are predictable

Swiss Cube L

• Recommended for more then 40 VMs, depending on the VM performance requirements • 3 to 10 servers with 2 Intel Xeon 6248 CPUs each • 120 to 400 cores • 768 GB to 30720 GB of memory • SSD disk with 7.2 TB to 155.8 TB • RAID level 1, 5 or 6 • Two 1 Gbit/s shared Internet access • 28 IPv4 addresses, /56 IPv6 addresses • 99.9 % SLA